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Welcome to the “Tips for the Kitchen” Series…

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy…and Dinner isn’t either, at least for some of us. And that’s exactly why we decided to bring you a “Tips for the Kitchen” series by our resident kitchen savvy momma, Kimi.

This is the first of the series, which will be featured on Wednesdays for the next several weeks. So stay tuned! And make sure you subscribe here so you don’t miss anything from this series, or anything else we create for you. Thanks for reading along, we are so glad you’re here!

Ok, first off, I feel as though I need to introduce myself a little better…

Kimi Hinkle

I’m Kimi. I’ve written a few guest articles here for LYM, but my true passion is in the kitchen. So, when Alicia approached me with the possibility of sharing some sanity savers with you lovely people, I jumped at the chance!

Now, I’ll quickly share some of my credentials…

Besides just being someone who loves to cook (and has an obsession with cheese), I actually attended culinary school.

I’ve worked everything in the foodservice industry from fast food to fine dining. I’ve done stints with mom & pop joints, corporate restaurants, truck stops, catering, and fancy can’t-get-a-reservation-to-save-your-life hot spots.

I know how to take the stress out of cooking.


I catered my own wedding with ZERO help (yes, I’m also certifiably insane).

I know the insider secrets to get food on the table fast without losing your ever-loving mind. So in this new segment, I plan on sharing my best tips for the kitchen with you.

Over the next few weeks, this “Tips for the Kitchen” series will be running on Wednesdays, and I’ll be sharing some quick ways to save your sanity at dinner time.

Tricks of the Trade, Tips for the Kitchen

I’m that girl that loves being in the kitchen and everyone texts the “How long do I cook this?”, “What can I substitute?”, “How do I save this?” type questions when dinner rolls around.

What not to expect from me:


Recipes on top of recipes.

This is for several reasons…

For starters, I’ll admit I really don’t measure when I cook at home.

You also have access to the internet (obviously, since you’re reading an online blog). Pretty sure you know how to use a search engine, and there are a quadrillion cooking blogs/sites/commentaries/online cookbooks out there.

Think of me more as inspiration for what you’re going to make and then do a little google search to find a recipe that works for you and your fam.

What You Can Expect from Me:




Time savers.



General information on how to tackle the daunting task of keeping your family fed without resorting to the drive-thru or frozen pizza 6 out of 7 nights a week.

I will occasionally share a recipe (or a link to one) that I’ve found to be super duper easy or simple or just a good starting point for someone new to the game.

I will also do my best to answer any questions you leave in the comments or, in the case of baking (baking and I are not BFF’s) at least point you in the right direction.

Now, let’s get this party started!

A few of the questions I get asked most frequently are:

1- Where do I even start with meal planning?

2- I’m on a budget. We’ve got a big family with big appetites. How do I make this work?

3- I don’t have much time or even like to cook…What do I need to do to get dinner on the table fast?

4- Freezer meals…how do I do this?

5- Picky kids/husband and I’m on a diet- how can I make these worlds peacefully coexist without making 7 different dinners?

6- How do I make a fancy dinner for date night or entertaining without having to kill myself to do it?

7- What the heck do I do with these leftovers?

I’ll answer all of that and more in the upcoming posts!

I’m curious- what other “Tips for the Kitchen” topics would you like me to cover? Let me know in the comments!

(I’m SUPER excited to be doing this with you!)