I’ve caught myself saying it more than once, “I can’t wait until they’re big enough to…(fill in the blank).”  

And honestly, yeah, that’s often true.  I have four young kids, and sometimes the assistance they require can be overwhelming…

So yeah, it will undoubtedly be easier when they are all old enough to use the bathroom on their own and brush their teeth on their own and bathe on their own.  But no matter how much time I spend wishing them through their current phases, there is no time hack in existence to speed through them any faster (Don’t waste your time.  I’ve already googled it…lol!).

So here we are in the middle of this tumultuous sea of parenting.

And no matter what style of parent you are or what stage you are in, I think we can all agree on one thing…it is hard being responsible for shaping tiny humans…sometimes it is like, cry-alone-in-the-bathroom-hard, simply because




We all know that the never-ending list of parental things that we must accomplish can leave us feeling stressed, and let’s just admit it…annoyed.

The other day I was listening to this podcast where a journalist was being interviewed about one of his many experiments.  In the spirit of the life-vloging movement, he wore a camera which recorded 100% of his life for a given period of time.

He said this regarding his takeaways after viewing the footage:

“Enjoy the small moments…when I’m getting my kids ready for school…If you are annoyed during that half-hour because it is a pain in the ass, that’s a half-hour of your life wasted.”

It was like he was talking directly to me… I realized that I have wasted an enormous amount of time being bothered by things that I have to do.


School morning routines…


Picking out clothes…

We could go on, am I right?

But as I listened, his words challenged me to change my perspective.

What if I stopped feeling annoyed by those things?

What if I challenged myself to simply smile when I go through the motions of my parenting routine?

What if I made a conscious decision to have a “happy to help” attitude instead of an “I wish I didn’t have to do this” attitude?

After all…he’s right.  These are the things that I spend 90% of my time doing.  Why in the world should I spend all that time wishing away my life, all the while being in a self-inflicted state of misery?

Now don’t get me wrong, I still have those thoughts…UGH…You want breakfast??  Again???!  Are you kidding me?????  But a shift in perspective means the attitude that I respond with is different.  You know, less, OMG…I’m a slave to these people…

(Side note:  I think you’ll find that a perspective change on your end also encourages more appreciation from your kids!  #winning)

And now I’m calling you out.  Do you feel like you wish away your life moment by moment?  Do you need a change of perspective?

Remember, all too soon our little ones will be grown.  And I, for one, want to look back with no regrets…not to a handful of memories where I begrudgingly help them find a snack (for the 100th time that day) or look for their missing shoe (which is probably in the middle of the hall).

If we were to subtract these sections of the day, there wouldn’t be much left.

So, instead of looking at it as an inconvenience or pain in the butt and wishing that you weren’t stuck in the monotony of your routine, take a breath and remember, this is life.  It is going to happen one day at a time, without any shortcuts, so you might as well find the joy in it.

Make it fun.

Make it happy.

Make it memorable.

Even when they ask you to do something for the bajillionth time.  🙂

Got thoughts?  Comment below.