Official loveYOUmore Bracelet

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Take the loveYOUmore challenge! Get your bracelet today and remind yourself to loveYOUmore.




Let’s face it…Sometimes we need a little reminder to take care of ourselves. I say it a lot, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

And the truth is, when you make yourself a priority and take care of you, then you can better care for the ones who depend on you most!

That’s why I created this little bracelet. It is to serve as a reminder that you are worthy of self-care…That taking care of you doesn’t mean neglecting others…it simply means that you are taking care of them by keeping yourself full!

So grab your official loveYOUmore bracelet now and take the loveYOUmore Challenge!

Wear it on your wrist, put it on your car shifter, put it on your nightstand or your vanity or your desk at work…Then let it serve as the reminder you need to loveYOUmore.

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