Getting the kids out the door in the morning or snug in their beds at night sure is a tall order.  Doing it without losing your sweet little mind is even trickier.

But I’m about to make it a LOT easier for you, Momma.  

A while back, I discovered that by giving my kids lists my job becomes a lot less naggy.  In fact, I wrote a whole post about that HERE.

Yep, the power of lists is truly amazing!

And I, once again, have harnessed that power in this neat little printable that I want to share with you.  

I’ve been doing this with my girls for just over a year now and they LOVE IT.

If you’ve been parenting very long, you know that the best way to get kids to do something is by making it fun for them.  And fun is at the heart of this simple little system.  It will help them get pumped about their morning and nighttime routines for sure.  

And let’s face it…WHATEVER makes ANY time of day easier for you is TOTALLY worth it.

Before I discovered this system, we tried lots of really cool things that I pinned from Pinterest, as well as some very pretty printables.

But, alas, it all failed.  In the end, my kids weren’t invested in any of those things, so they didn’t help.

I mean, they looked awesome and polished and were everything that the mom in me wanted them to be, but they were nothing more than a decoration on the wall to my kids.  

And that just wouldn’t do.

So we made these.

They were plain.  They were simple.  And best of all, my kids helped make them, so they wanted to use them!

When they accomplished one of the tasks on their board, they just marked it off with a dry-erase marker (on the glass).  

Then they wiped it off each day and started again.

It worked great!  

Until two weeks ago when my sweet 17-month-old decided to grab one of them as I was carrying him through our hallway…Broken glass flew everywhere.

Since one was no longer usable, we decided to make both girls a new one.  

And since I was creating these anyway, I thought I’d share the “recipe” with you.

We still have a grabby toddler, so I decided to go with something without glass this time around.  

I bought these simple, colorful dry erase boards at Walmart for less than $2 each.  

They came with a dry erase marker and two magnets.  And the girls were happy to pick their own colors.

Next came the fun part for me.  

I created this simple printable and added little boxes to the side so they could illustrate each item (This is a good idea to help non-readers know what each thing says.).

Here’s one of my little illustrators customizing her chart. 🙂

After they were done, I cut both (“morning” and “night” sides) out around the borders.

After cutting them out, the girls helped me add the “Morning” and “Night” charts to each dry-erase board using this fun mini craft tape.

How cute are these?!

I finished this project off by using a Sharpie to draw boxes directly on the dry-erase board for the check mark areas.

And that was it.

Now the girls have new (unbreakable) routine boards that they love to use.  

And I have mornings and nights that don’t require 937 yells reminders to my kids. 🙂

Here are our finished products!

Want your own?  CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE ROUTINE PRINTABLE.   You will be able to download and print by clicking on that link. (And if you don’t have a toddler and prefer to just stick it in a frame, you can do that, too.)  Either way, You will be on your way to hassle-free routines.

Do you have your own routine hack?  Let me know in the comments below.