Do you have a mindful morning routine? 

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Well, I’m a big believer in checking in with yourself before you get to the point you want to check out…


Having a morning routine that begins with a little morning self-love is one of my favorite parts of the day, keeping me in tune with myself and giving my morning purpose.

I look forward to getting out of bed now, instead of groaning and rolling back over with the covers over my head.

I believe starting a morning routine is life changing.

Whether you borrow some of my habits or create your own, here are some different ideas that are important to incorporate into your routine: A habit that is physically invigorating, a habit that inspires you or encourages your spiritual journey, a habit that is enjoyable, and a habit that helps you find focus and clarity to keep your day somewhat organized.

So as I sit here in my sunroom, which is my favorite space in the house, it’s 6:45 and I’ve been up since 6am.  No, that’s not super early, but it’s early enough for me to have already accomplished my morning routine.

Now I realize you are already making excuses in your head… 

You don’t have 3 kids to get ready for school.

I have to be at work by 7:30.

I’m lucky to have five minutes to myself, much less an hour.

Sound familiar?

Believe me, I’ve given myself all the excuses in the world.  But all that got me was nowhere.

So when I was finally ready to start being more productive, more positive, and more physically fit, I got my ass out of bed and into a routine.

And no, I don’t always have the time to fit everything in, so before you set yourself up for failure, just know there are no strict rules to any of this.

We are human and we do the best we can, right?

So if you think you only have 10 minutes, then start there.

You probably already have some variation of most of these as part of your morning routine anyway, so focus on starting something you don’t do regularly.

I’m not talking major life-altering steps here. I’m a realist.  If I can do it, anyone can…

If the first thing you accomplish is reading this article all the way through, then congratulations, you’ve already found 10 minutes!

These are my own personal steps…Yours, of course, will vary…

The point is to wake up and set an intention for your day because that alone can have profound results.

Here are the 8 Morning Habits I use to start my day:

1. Wake up and get up

If you have to, set your alarm for an hour earlier than normal in the beginning.

Eventually, it will become easier. Then, a lot of the time you spent dragging around will be better utilized.

No snooze button or social media, just a couple deep breaths and a big stretch and get those tootsies moving!

This is mentally and physically challenging, especially in the beginning, but it’s so rewarding!

2. Wash your face

Besides the obvious morning routine in the bathroom, I splash COLD water on my face. I’ve done this since I was little.

It’s invigorating, eye-opening, and gets the blood pumping!

Do it a couple times.  It’s so quick and easy – no crazy beauty routine here, I just want to feel awake and get the sleep out of my eyes.

3. Grab a Cuppa

I know a lot of yogis and health gurus recommend hot water and lemon or maybe a nice cup of tea.

But let me just say, I ain’t doin’ it…Literally, nothing…until I’ve had my coffee.

No shame in my coffee game.

But whatever you desire will work. Just grab a cup and find a favorite spot to cozy up.

After I get my coffee going, I proceed to prepare number 7 during at that time as well, knocking two items off my list in five minutes or less.

4. Self-Reflection & Meditation

Now we get into the good stuff!

There’s something about watching that sunshine begin to peek its head above the horizon that gives me hope and happiness…

Just like the sun, we get the chance to begin another day with a fresh start.

So this is when I take my time to give thanks for the beautiful gift of another day and all my blessings. Starting your day with an Attitude of Gratitude is key!

Sometimes I read and enjoy the quiet around me (I recommend starting here)…

Sometimes I journal so that I can express my thoughts (You can try this journal)…

Sometimes I follow a guided meditation to help me set my daily intentions (You can get the “Stop, Breathe, Think” app here)…

I love this app because it gives you the option to check in with how your feeling physically and emotionally, then gives you a list of guided meditations to pick from for your current state of mind.

The average length is about five minutes…So quick and easy, yet so transforming!

Depending on my mood and timeframe, I try to spend five to twenty minutes on this oh-so-important soul self-care habit.

5. Make Your Daily List

While my mind is calm and focused (and I’m ready for my second cup) I mentally check-in for the day…

I have never been an organized person, so it’s important for me to write things down.

I love having a planner that is creative and motivational to help me with my daily tasks.  There are some really beautiful and creative ones out there (I like this one).

I also love to find a quote and write it down to focus on as my daily inspiration!

Follow me on Pinterest here and check out my Quoteworthy Board.

***Bonus Tip: The #oneFABmother handbook is a great way to learn how to make lists effectively to give you the life you want. Get it here.

6. Yoga

This one is my secret weapon.

Even if I have limited time, I can feel physically amazing and have a positive mindset after even just 15 minutes of yoga.

I usually save this one until last because I will do longer if I have extra time.

If you’re new to yoga, there are some great youtube channels to get you started. I highly recommend Yoga with Adrienne. She’s got something for everyone.

7. Drink Water

Believe it or not, this is one of my biggest struggles…Drinking water!

So I’ve learned to fill a water bottle (reusable, of course) early in the morning, while my coffee is brewing.  I take it with me to the sunroom so it’s there when I do yoga.

Then keep it attached to me all day…. Not always a fan of plain water, so I often add some flavored ketones, which provide energy and mental clarity as well as a metabolism boost. (You can try this bottle.)

8. Throw on Some Music and Dance!

Seriously, I doubt this one needs much explanation…

But, if you don’t have time for your morning yoga and meditation, a few minutes of music therapy can work wonders.

Try to tell me that singing Gloria Gaynor, “I Will Survive” at the top of your lungs while dancing around like crazy isn’t the best thing for your mind, body, AND spirit!

It’s so easy to create a great playlist of your favorite motivational songs or just head to Pandora and check out some of the stations there.

For best results, play it loud and proud!

I personally use a Bose portable speaker.  This one is waterproof and I love the color!

Here’s the thing about morning routines…

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows…

It’s about how we react to the time in between the two that matters.

We have to learn to “feel the rain” and appreciate whatever comes our way, which all starts with our attitude…So facing the day with gratitude and positivity is key.

I hope you found a little inspiration you can take away from this and come up with your own routine to give you the best day possible!

What is your favorite part of your morning routine? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. 🙂

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