It is 12:36 AM…And I am currently dealing heavily with what I call the Mom Fail Blues…

My daughter is wide awake in her crib. Alternating between babbling to herself and crying because it’s rough being 6 months old and expected to be asleep at this hour.

My newest furbaby, Delilah Jane, is in her kennel, also crying. My husband and the older dog?

Both fast asleep and blissfully unaware of the demonic possession that seems to have taken hold of both the young creatures in the house (I have zero other explanation for the unnatural noises they are making).

My daughter doesn’t want to be held.

She doesn’t want her bottle.

I have already changed her diaper and her pajamas (just in case it was the dreaded Evil Scratchy Tag).

We have been attempting this bedtime thing for close to five hours now.

It’s times like this when the sleep-deprived fog of my brain starts to allow the nagging Mom Fail Blues creep in.

Did I cause this somehow? Does her tummy hurt because I gave her too many carrots for supper? Not enough Tylenol after vaccines today? Too much? Is the house too hot? Too cold? Did I not mix her formula right?

At this point, I’m certain I’m a failure as a mother.

Luckily, I’ve learned to catch myself before I wreck myself (yup, I’m a total comedian at this hour- now booking shows)!

I’ve figured out that by taking a moment to make sure I’m taking care of myself, I’m able to back away from the edge (cuz, let’s be real, if my husband can sleep through a double exorcism of this magnitude, I’m on my own at this hour).

Sometimes I do yoga.

Sometimes I cuddle with the dog.

Sometimes I look at old dog-eared recipe cards.

Sometimes I make myself a quad shot of espresso and get ready for the long haul (mommas- you know the nights I’m talking about). Anything to refresh my spirit and recharge the proverbial battery so I am able to take care of my family.


Well, tonight I’m busy dreaming of spring to come. I’ve got my beautiful seed catalogs spread out on the living room floor, a warm mug of Lady Grey tea with a squeeze of lemon, and a sketchpad to help me plot out my new giant veggie garden.

There are two things I’m sure of as I thumb through the pages…

  1. Spring will come.
  2. My daughter will fall asleep.

Although, hopefully not in that order…

What do you do in those brief moments to chase away the midnight Mom Fail Blues?

Scroll down & share your tricks in the comments!

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