Wondering how to schedule self-care???

The case for taking care of ourselves has been made over, and over, and over again. If you’re a woman, chances are you’ve seen some kind of plea for self-care. And if you’re a mom, a business owner, or both – you’ve seen a LOT of pleas for self-care.

You’ve heard about how it’s life-changing and game-changing. And how your whole life changes if you can embrace a self-care routine.

I’m going to give you some honesty here – that’s only true if you know what the heck self-care means to YOU.

I had a lot of trouble figuring out what my self-care language was…

Just because a facial worked for someone else, did that mean it worked for me? (spoiler alert: it didn’t.)

What I came to find out was that the journey to learning what self-care means to me was just as important as the self-care itself. Click To Tweet

Here are a 3 steps on how to schedule self-care in your hectic and busy life!

1. Find out your self-care language…

You’ve heard of the 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. The broad strokes are that after counseling couples for over thirty years, Chapman found that there are five main ways that people like to be communicated to.

When you find out your partner’s love language, and they find out yours, you can communicate on a deeper level, among other amazing things that happen with your relationship.

I saw an infographic on the five self-love languages by Blessing Manifesting recently, and it hit me that this could be a great starting point for figuring out how you communicate with yourself – and how you get from the world what you need to keep being your best self.

2. Practice a self-care routine, re-frame, repeat…

Remember when I tried a facial and it didn’t fill my cup? I think we are afraid to “waste” our precious alone time so we ultimately don’t take the leap into the unknown.

However, even though I didn’t necessarily have a full cup after that facial, I did enjoy a car ride alone during which I listened to a podcast and closed my eyes on a warm, comfy chair during the facial.

It’s all about how you frame your experience, and while you’re in trial and error mode, this skill is invaluable.

3. Block in your time alone…

I think this is where most people get tripped up – how do you take the time for self-care? How much time will it take? Even though timing looks different for everyone, I fully believe that time-blocking your day works for everyone no matter how many responsibilities you’ve taken on.

Time-blocking is a powerful visual tool to show you when you have that “white space” after everything else you do has been blocked in. And the white space is where the magic happens!

It’s no secret that a self-care routine is very personal and looks different for everyone…

Use these three steps to help you find out how to schedule self-care in your life.

Now I’d love to hear from you…What has been the biggest thing holding you back from beginning a self-care routine?

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