Let’s be honest, parenting is a BIG responsibility…

I’ll never forget the moment my first son was born. Mixed up with a level of love I had never even known existed, was a feeling of sheer terror!

I was responsible for caring for this helpless, perfect, wonderful baby boy!

But then I immediately began to question whether I had the ability to help him grow into a kind and independent man.

Oh boy, was that a roller coaster of emotion!

Several sleepless weeks later, my baby boy and I were sitting in the doctor’s office for a well-check visit. As I began spouting my list of questions and concerns, the doctor looked at me and gently, yet ever so sternly, requested that I stop Googling things.

She reiterated something I already knew…that a Google search for an innocuous symptom like excessive crying could yield pretty scary results. Anything from colic to an ill-formed stomach or other organs.

It’s so hard to be a parent today when everyone’s viewpoint and crazy experience is readily available for consumption through a simple Google search…

My lack of confidence in my ability to be the mom my son needed me to be caused me to rely far too heavily on advice from everyone else out there in the interwebs.

We don’t appreciate when the sweet old lady offers parenting advice at the grocery store, so why do we seek it out behind the safety of our screens?

Learning to be a Confident Mom

I think I NEEDED the doctor to talk me down from my Google ledge…

All BABIES CRY at some point because they need something. One thing I learned was that just because my baby was crying, that didn’t make me a bad mom.

He needed something and it was my job to put on my detective hat and figure it out!

I wish I had known from the start that I was FULLY CAPABLE of caring for my seemingly helpless infant.

Despite everything else, babies need to be snuggled and physically cared for. And it turns out, we know how to do that instinctively.

In the beginning, I kept ignoring my instinct…The thing that was guiding me to do exactly what I needed to.

So my call to action is this: If you’re a new mom, trust yourself.

When we are given the awe-inspiring gift of a newborn baby, we change. A whole new flood of emotion fills our hearts. We become MOMS, truly the best role we could play in life.

Yet we are so hard on ourselves…

And if you are anything like me, you put every other mom on a parenting pedestal. But the truth is, everyone is learning as they go.

Some moms make it look easy or have laid back kids. But the truth is, everyone is learning as they go.

So do the best you can and give yourself some grace. Because in the end, we are all just trying our best to do what’s best for our kids.

Believe in yourself, mama!

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