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The Truth is. . . I’m cheap

Frugal, poor- call it what you want, but the truth is I am cheap. I guess I’ve always been some aspect of the word.

I was raised the oldest of five. And looking back, I was quite spoiled by my parents considering how little they had.

We didn’t eat name brand food or wear name brand clothes, but we had it GOOD compared to some.  Wearing yard sale clothes and shoes and only getting new things on special occasions raised me to be a very cheap person.

When our oldest, T, started school I remember having quite the fight with my husband because T only got one pair of Nikes to start school in. To me, that was way more than I had ever got to start school in, and I was so happy we could provide that!

My mom shopped at yard sales and put those clothes up until school and they were new to us. And shoes, well I got my first name brand pair of shoes when I got a job.

Anyway, N thought that T needed at least 2-3 pair of new shoes and several new outfits. I thought he had nice clothes and nice shoes. There was no need to get him anything else. I won that fight.

That’s not the only part of me that practices frugal parenting…


I also breastfeed because it’s cheap.

Ok, obviously I breastfeed because it’s the best thing for my babies, but I am proud to say I’ve never and will never spend a dime on formula.

Not only is breastmilk free, but because breastfed babies are so much healthier, I spend less on doctor visits, scripts, time off work taking care of sick kids, etc. It’s really a win/win.

How much do you spend on formula a month? Have you ever calculated it??  I’ve spent $0.

I cloth diaper because it’s cheap.

There are tons of reasons to use cloth with your babies. It saves the environment from filling landfills with disposables. And because of the chemicals added to disposables, they often break out sensitive baby skin. Cloth is the only thing some baby bottoms can handle. They’re also super cute, and go with everything!

Click here to start your cloth collection.

But honestly, the amount of money I’ve saved by using cloth with our fifth is unreal. After buying years worth of diapers for T and B, when we got pregnant with K, I was scared. The economy was a bitch and the cost of everything continues to go up, including diapers.

I wasn’t going to be making any more money and we were barely getting by as it was. So I talked my friend into trying them out because she was pregnant too and due before I was. I also asked my friend, Amanda (an avid cloth diaperer), a ton of questions, and knew I’d use Mandy as a test to see if I could do it. She made it super easy.

So I bought a lot of cloth diapers with our third. Today, I am still using many of those same diapers on our fifth, 6 years later. My last 3 have been boys, but you can bet they have has some girl-themed diapers on from time to time. I am always on the look-out for a good deal!

How much do you spend on diapers & wipes a month? Have you ever calculated it??  I’ve spent $0.

I make my own baby food because it’s cheap.

We decided pretty early on with T that we would make our own baby food.

We did fruits and vegetables from the store for a while, but the second I opened meat in a jar, I threw up in my mouth a little. There was no way in a frozen hell I was giving my baby that. We threw it away and haven’t bought any baby food since!

I started grinding food in a blender and smashing various foods for him. That was 13 years ago, and we did it with the others from the start.

How much do you spend on baby food in a month? Have you ever calculated it??  I’ve spent $0.

I make and sell baby slings because it’s cheap.

Though I bought A LOT of store-bought slings and carriers with my first, I hated them all. He was the only baby then, so I didn’t mind packing him everywhere.

When B was born, I ordered a $70 (plus shipping) sling online. I fell in love. I used it with her until she was 3. Because let’s face it, we pack kids on our hips well past walking age.

When I got pregnant with K, I bought one super cheap from a friend. Since then, I have learned to make them and help others save money by doing so, too! (It’s since been paid back a dozen times by selling the ones I’ve made). My favorite has been cheap ring slings that I’ve made or bought.

I’ve also used a moby wrap that I bought at a garage sale for $5 when they were super tiny, and my best friend bought me a Tula (super expensive but super worth it) with our last baby. LOVE IT!

Not only am I able to use both arms and hands while carrying him, but I’m also able to cost-save simply because I get so much more accomplished.

How much did you spend on your carrier/sling? I’m cheap & only paid a little.

We co-sleep because it’s cheap…and awesome.

Shocker, I know! We didn’t start out to co-sleep with T, but it was perfect. When B came, N went out and bought a bigger bed. When K came, I was a little nervous about making it work, but we did it.

Then another came. We found a way.

Then another. . . Same.

Cost? Minimal. Our family bed rocks. We drag a mattress into the living room floor each night. Some sleep in the bed, others on the couch and loveseat around it.

How much money have you spent on beds? We spend very little on our one bed for our family of seven.

I shop at thrift stores and yard sales because I’m cheap…And the deals are amazing.

As for clothes, my kids rarely get new clothes. They have grandparents who buy for them and that’s great, but let’s face it, with 4 boys, there are plenty of hand-me-downs.

I barter because I’m cheap.

There are a ton of things I barter for. I’ve bartered for haircuts, clothes, shoes, dresses, birthdays, medicine and so much more.

The frugal parenting list will go on forever. I am cheap and love it.

Do you practice frugal parenting? Let me know in the comments!

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