Meet the Writers…

Alicia Hill


Full-time doer of all the things, Alicia is a small town girl with a big heart for helping women find balance in motherhood. She founded in 2016, and when she’s not corralling her 4 kids, she enjoys writing about self-care, parenting, relationships, and discovering joy in life.  You can read her whole story here.

Ashley bales


Ashley Bales is a wife, mother of two girls and a wiener dog, and a passionate personal finance educator. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of financial topics with others and wants to help families build a lasting financial legacy. She is an avid lover of the outdoors, spending as much time with her girls as possible on the hiking trail and kayaking Southeast Missouri rivers. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram or at where she shares her adventures in money and the outdoors.

Jen lachance


I’m Jen and I believe we are put on this Earth to pursue our passions, love others, and be happy. I spent a lot of years living a mediocre existence. Then I decided to give that crap up ‘cause life’s too short. So now I spend my time discovering my True North and learning to “feel the rain” along the way.  You can see more from me on my blog here.

Jessica Crepps


Jessica Crepps is a crunchy AF mom of 5 children of the corn. She’s married to her high school crazy. They live on 30 acres on the river. She’s a breastfeeding, cloth-diapering, baby-wearing, placenta encapsulating ball of awesomeness.

Kimi Hinkle


A culinary school drop out and full-time stay at home mom, Kimi is either the most citified country girl or countrified city girl you’ve ever met.  When her daughter was born she traded in her little black dresses, high heels, and big city career for coveralls, dairy goats, and poopy diapers, and she hasn’t looked back.  She believes #cheeseislife and that coffee fixes everything.

Stephanie Sooter


Hi! I’m Stephanie! I’m wife to Mike and momma to five amazing Littles. We live in a small town with our dogs and travel any chance we can. I’ll write about foster care, adoption, and Autism. It’s a wild life, but I couldn’t have dreamed it any better!

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