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2034. That’s the year that my sweet boy will graduate high school.

me & Giddy basic invite graduation invitation post

Hight school…That sounds lightyears away at this point, but I’ve been parenting long enough now to know that these next years will go by in the blink of an eye…

Right now he’s getting ready to start kindergarten, and while we aren’t creating custom graduation invitations or picking out colleges yet, we are getting ready to plan one epic kindergarten graduation!

Everyone knows I like a good party and love being the hostess…and part of the hostess role is getting to choose the best invitations ever.

Well, my friends over at Basic Invite sent me the down low (the low down??? Shoot! I’m never sure which one of those to use…) on all their best invitations, and I couldn’t wait to share them with you!

(Pssst!! Make sure you read to the end because my readers are getting a special gift from them, too!!)

Okay…So here’s what you need to know about creating custom graduation invitations (or any other invites you need!)…

Basic Invite is a Utah-based company that has been around since 2006.

There are a few things that make Basic Invite unique, and no matter if you’re planning a Kindergarten Graduation (like me), or a High School Graduation, or a wedding, or a baby shower, birthday party, or backyard BBQ, they’ve got just what you need.

Here’s Why You Should Choose Basic Invite No Matter What Party You’re Planning…

  1. Over 180 color options…I’ve done my fair share of freelance design, and let me tell you guys, that many color options is bananas.
  2. FOIL OPTIONS… Along with their 180 color options, Basic Invite offers foil invites. The foil invites come in gold, silver, and rose gold, AND you can choose flat or raised foil.
  3. Try Before You Buy…Basic Invite will ship you a printed invitation that you can HOLD IN YOUR HAND before you buy them! No more crossing your fingers and hoping the digital mockup will print the way you see it on the screen!
  4. Coordinating Envelopes (that you don’t have to lick!)…They have 40 different envelope colors to choose from, and they are peel & seal, so that means no licking and no faulty glue. These close securely every single time.
  5. They’ll Print the Addresses for You (for FREE!)… They have this really cool service that allows you to share a link with friends and family on social media to request addresses which get stored in your account. You can choose which addresses you want to use during the design process and Basic Invite will address your envelopes for you at no cost! Wowzah!
  6. They’ll Be at Your Door in 5 Days…When you choose Basic Invite, you’ll receive your order at your doorstep in 5 business days!
  7. Their Guarantee is the Icing on the Cake! ...Their “Love It Guarantee” is awesome! Because if you don’t love the cards you order, Basic Invite will reprint them for you for free (or you can return your items for a full refund).

And If You Aren’t Convinced Yet…

Here Are Some of Basic Invite’s templates of graduation invitations…

basic invite graduation invitation
I especially love the “Then & Now” ones! How cute is that???

I especially love the “Then & Now” ones! How cute are they???

basic invite graduation invitation

I’m not ready for this, y’all…Anyone else tearing up yet???

I can’t wait to get over there to design an invite for this cutie patootie!

Now, head on over to Basic Invite now and order your next invites! Let’s keep their business booming so they’ll still be around when I’m ordering this guy his High School Graduation invites, too!

Oh yeah, don’t think I forgot…You read all the way to the end, so you get a special gift! When you order from Basic Invite today, you’ll get 15% off when you use this code 15FF51 at checkout!

Want to know more about their Graduation selection, choose one of these options and head right to what you want:Templates of Graduation Invitations or Graduation Photo Invitations Templates or Custom Invitations Graduation.

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