13 Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms That Will Make Your Fear Disappear…

When I found out I was pregnant the first time, I was scared out of my mind.  I honestly never thought I would have children, or that I was the type of person that should have children.

But there are so many reasons why I shouldn’t have been scared to have a baby…  

If you are nervous about becoming a parent, that means you care about being a “good mom.” But you know what? We’re all good moms in our own way. I wish I would’ve had a list of pregnancy tips for first time moms like these back then because everything I found was about how my body would change.

Nothing focused on the mental strain I faced.

Here’s what you should know: You will be going through so many physical and mental changes in your journey into motherhood. Adding stress and fear will not make it better for you.

I had this impending fear that I was being an idiot for bringing a child into this awful world. Bringing a young innocent soul into this world made me sick on a daily basis.

If only I had read an article or two with pregnancy tips for first time moms prior to having my first born maybe I wouldn’t have been such a nervous wreck.

So here I am to share these 13 tips for first time moms with you to let you know that you don’t have to be scared of becoming a mom:

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1. People are nicer to you when you are pregnant or have a baby

Don’t be scared to have a baby because when you’re pregnant or have a baby people are automatically nicer to you.  If someone is mean to a pregnant lady then they have bigger issues. I always found it awesome how much more polite people were.  Doors were being held, people were allowing me to go first, and I had many more polite conversations with strangers.

2. Biologically speaking…motherhood is instinctual

We are the highest level of primates on the planet, but at the end of the day we’re animals just like the rest of them.  We instinctively know how to nurture our young so that they will survive and thrive. When you’re pregnant you won’t know what to do, but once you have the baby that will change.

Sure you’ll have some hilarious moments like not knowing how to put a diaper on your newborn baby (YUP, that was me and my husband in the hospital for the first time). At the end of the day you are biologically equipped to raise a baby.

3. Your body heals amazingly fast

My entire life I didn’t want to have kids because I was afraid I would never lose the weight and end up overweight and unhealthy like the rest of my family. (Not a very good reason, right? How vain was I!?)

I also couldn’t fathom pushing something out of my body through a relatively tiny opening. It definitely seemed like something I didn’t want to sign up for.  Childbirth itself was tough but not as bad as I had it worked up to be in my head. After that comes the recovery period which is also tough but I was amazed at how fast my body actually healed and returned to normal.

Remember that if childbirth was so awful, then people would stop after having one child. And you can clearly see that is not the case.

4. Childbirth doesn’t have to be scary.

Everyone has their own birth story and some are horrifying while others are uneventful.  Who do you think tells their stories more? Yep, definitely the people with the scary stories. They don’t do it to scare you into not having a baby (chances are you’re pregnant so you can’t turn back now anyways).  These people share their stories to show you the strength of women. If these women are telling you their scary birth stories then what they’re really saying is, “Man, this crazy stuff happened to me, and I survived it!”

5. Doctors These Days are On Point

You will be attending multiple appointments and the doctors don’t mess around.  They will err on the side of caution when it comes to your baby and you. Their job is to protect you and your little one.  Trust them to take care of you and this will relieve some of your stress.

6. Babies are not as fragile as you think

Yes babies are super cute and pretty fragile at first, but they’re not as fragile as you think.  Babies are constantly changing and growing and getting stronger day by day (just like you will as a mom).  As they grow they will take their lumps and bumps, but they’ll be okay.

There are so many amazing miracle stories about the strength of newborns and babies. You do need to be gentle with them, but don’t be scared that you’re going to break them.

7. Every step is a phase that doesn’t last that long

As your baby grows you’ll be exhausted, hungry, dirty, and tired (wait did I say that one already?).  What will help you get through it is that each irritable habit your newborn, baby, infant or toddler is doing right now, IT TOO SHALL PASS.  

I feel like 90% of baby-hood is phases. The good news is that the sleepless nights won’t last forever. I hate saying it, but try to savor the moments they go by really quick.

8. It makes you more organized and a better time manager

Being a mom will make you more organized and on top of stuff.  Even the most disorganized of moms probably see an improvement in their organization skills.  

I firmly believe you can’t parent without some organization system, even if it’s just a loose one.  In order for you to plan and manage an entire household where kids are being raised, you need to be able to organize your thoughts and manage plans.

9. You gain empathy

I’ve never been an incredibly empathetic person, it’s just who I am, but once I had my first child my ability to relate to other parents and children, in general, went through the roof.

I used to never enjoy spending time around kids, but now I do. Your ability to feel for all children improves because you can visualize the scenario happening to your own child.  It could just be the hormones, but it’s a good side effect.

10. Your priorities change (and for the better)

Listen, up until this point in time your whole life has probably been about getting yourself in order.  Going to school, finding a career, and finding a relationship. Once you have a baby your life now revolves around them and honestly, that’s a good thing!

Who really wants to have their whole life revolve around their job? Most of us hate our jobs, I’m not sure why we are so obsessed with our careers when they are probably the single biggest stress in our lives.  Just remember to put things in perspective. Motherhood definitely did that for me.

11. Don’t be fooled by the internet

Don’t be scared mama.  The internet exists to make us think our children have symptoms that are going to kill them.  Do not under any circumstances google symptoms or images of a problem (like a rash) with your baby. I cannot tell you how many rare and exotic diseases I’ve self-diagnosed my kids with, when it was really nothing.

If you’re concerned about something just call your doctor. Most offices have a nurses line that will triage the call and determine if you should come in with your baby.

12. The Mom Club is AWESOME

One pregnancy tip that definitely isn’t advertised is that the MOM CLUB is AWESOME.  You might see a lot of moms on Instagram joking about how being a mom is so stressful and how we need an IV of coffee to survive. While we do need coffee, I think many moms are open and sarcastic about the trials and tribulations of motherhood.

The real story is that moms are so supportive of other moms that this secret tribe exists just by default. 99% of moms are nurturers and will nurture new moms through the process.

Whether it is just to commiserate or to help a new mom by bringing her coffee or having a playdate–the mom club is honestly one of my favorite parts of being a mom. Plus it’s one thing your significant other can never take from you or be a part of…because they aren’t a mom!

13. You’re not in it alone! Ever!

Chances are you’ve got a significant other, but even if you don’t and you’re going through this pregnancy & motherhood process as a single mom, know that you are NOT ALONE.  There are so many resources out there for new moms, so if you ever feel alone and stressed, all you need to do is reach out. Asking for help is never easy, but you have to do it.

Postpartum depression (or even anxiety prior to birth that you may be experiencing) is not something to mess around with.  You might feel like you can’t talk to your significant other about certain things and that’s fine. You have your mom club tribe members, and a plethora of mom resources out there. Don’t be afraid to use them.

The Bottom Line

The super biggest secret of all the pregnancy tips for first time moms is that as long as you provide food, love, and safety for your tiny human, then you’re doing great. Being a mom doesn’t have to this big fancy competition with others. Just do the best you can do.

There are so many ways that you could be scared about becoming a new mom, but please be reassured that you don’t have to be.  It’s okay if you still are, even after reading this.

You should know there are so many wonderful things about being a mom to a tiny human.  Ask any mom and I guarantee she will say that being a mom is one of the best things she’s ever accomplished.

Just remember that they are babies, they have no idea what the real world is like and most importantly, they don’t know how to judge you!  So don’t worry. Enjoy your babies while you can, because the scariest part of motherhood is letting them go when they grow up.

Did you enjoy these pregnancy tips for first time moms? Or do you have one to add to our list? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! (Scroll down and leave a comment now!)

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